We are an explosion
of perfect details
that shine.

Tijey Jewelry

Tijey is an innovation, a demonstration of values that are manifested in an emblematic jewel,
authentic in values, full of history, destined to be yours forever.
We design, create, design and manufacture jewelry with the most resistant material,
light and luminous of the earth, enhancing the personalities of the future.
We communicate strength.
We are bold.
We're brave.
We demonstrate value.
We reveal effectiveness.

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About us

From the 40 years of experience of OMS srl - www.oms.srl - in high tech mechanical constructions applied to the racing sectors - Formula 1 and Moto GP - aerospace and biomedical, the TIJEY idea was born: to build new and different jewels from everything that today is available, and to do so with the same systems, the same technologies and the same materials dedicated to the construction of the mechanical parts installed in the F1 cars.

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Our jewelry is not sold in stores, but made and distributed directly by Tijey Titanium Jewelry.
Are interested? Contact us for more information